Welcome to Thor’s Forest „Thórsmörk”

Thórsmörk is one of the starting points for the famous multi-day hike Laugavegur. Since we didn’t have all the necessary equipment (and the shape probably) we booked two nights in a hut in Thórsmörk to do some day hikes around the area. The journey: A cross-country bus picked us up at the parking lot at … Continue reading Welcome to Thor’s Forest „Thórsmörk”


On the way to Akureyri

Finally on the ring road! Life will be so much easier from now on! There are plenty of people on Iceland’s only highway just waiting to pick us up! Well, not exactly. It’s true that there are more cars than in the remote areas but there are also more hitchhikers. Plus, people think if they … Continue reading On the way to Akureyri

The Westfjords – hitchhiking in the middle of nowhere

After having survived a freezing cold night in Ólafsvík, we packed our things, had Skyr and Muesli for breakfast, and walked to the main road. This being my first hitchhike adventure ever, I had no clue how long we’d have to wait to catch a ride, especially on a lonely road in the northwest of … Continue reading The Westfjords – hitchhiking in the middle of nowhere