Skaftafell – Hikers’ paradise

Skaftafell National Park, here we come! Skaftafell is THE holiday destination for Icelanders. It’s part of Vatnajökull National Park and offers a wide variety of hikes ranging from easy to difficult including views of volcanos, glaciers, colourful mountains, the ocean, waterfalls,… or simply lots of earth porn moments. We chose the Skaftafellsheidi hike, a round-trip … Continue reading Skaftafell – Hikers’ paradise


Snaefellsness Peninsula – the adventure begins

On the second day, we already started our road trip. Together with three guys from our hostel, we drove all the way up to the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. As soon as we got out of the city, we couldn’t help but stare out of the window and admire the landscape we were passing. We quickly stopped … Continue reading Snaefellsness Peninsula – the adventure begins