Why Travel Makes You Awesome

I just think this post is awesome and it’s true at least for me and probably most of you as well. This goes to all you awesome travellers out there! 😉

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be awesome by traveling the worldPeople always ask how travel has changed me. If I look back at who I was before I started traveling to who I am now, I would have to say that travel has made me a better and more well-rounded person. I’m way cooler now than I was at twenty-five when I first left to explore the world.

Simply put, I’m a lot more awesome than I used to be.

In fact, I think travel makes everybody a lot more awesome person. We end our travels better off than when we began. I’m not saying this to be conceited or egotistical; I’m saying it because I believe that travel is something that makes you a better human being – someone who is happier, more outgoing, thoughtful, and intelligent. The kind of person people gravitate towards.

You become like the Dos Equis guy.

How and why does travel make…

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