About me

Hello stranger, nice to meet you! Let me introduce myself: I am Cath and currently living in the South of Germany where I study advertising and communications. If that doesn’t work out I’ll just head to South-East-Asia and open a beach bar or something. Feel free to join me 😉


My travel addiction started with an 8-month backpacking adventure to Australia in 2012 and since then I got the chance to cross a few more countries off my very long imaginary list.

Every new trip makes me realize that there is a whole world and so many different cultures out there just waiting for me to explore and get to know them. I have learned so much in those months, not only about the countries but also about myself, have made great friendships and involuntarily participated in something called character development.

Thanks for visiting my website and following me around the globe!

Love and Peace

Check my instagram-account for more frequent updates or show your love on facebook!


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