Life is better doing board sports!

Hey everyone, I know it’s been a while but I’m back and I have a new hobby! In winter I go snowboarding, in summer I dream of going to a place where you can surf… and now I discovered another board sport: wakeboarding! You’re pulled over a lake by a rope and get to try the different obstacles on the side – or you just follow the regular circle right below the line. You can also be pulled by a boat but that’s the rich people version.


There is a wakeboarding place called Turncable about two hours from where I live and so far I’ve been there twice. The very first time I’ve been to a different place but I spent most of the day just falling into the water right at the beginning. Embarrassing, especially when you’re there with a guy you want to impress…

The first time I actually managed to ride a few meters was still really exhausting. I started with water skiing because of my terrible first time experience, and after a few bad starts I managed to ride one round on the skis. After a few more I switched to a wakeboard, lined up for the start… and did one complete round as if I had never done anything else in my life! I felt euphoric and still couldn’t believe what I had just done. Neither did my friends that stared at me in disbelief when I came walking back to them. Best. Feeling. Ever.


After that successful day, I was (for the first time) really looking forward to the next time. So about a month later we went there again and I managed to stay on the board for the maximum amount of rounds allowed, which was 5 that day. After a certain number of rounds, you let go of the rope and swim to the shore so the others don’t have to wait for ages at the starting point. And I did it! My legs and arms were shaking from the unusual training and force needed, but it was so worth it!

At one point I got bored with just riding in circles all the time and wanted to try riding over a small obstacle. I asked my friend about the best way to do that since he’s what I’d call a pro and in the next round I got on the obstacle… and fell down on the side, face to water. Still I was so proud of myself that I got on it and when I came back to my friends to ask them what it looked like from the distance, nobody was even watching!! Great. So I had to do it again. Next round, next try. I got on the long box, almost rode on it until the end, but the rope pulling me back to the regular circle was too strong for me and I slipped on the side. My upper leg hit the edge of the box and that got me a huge black spot that I can still feel today, 3 weeks later.

Even though I fell on that box, I can’t wait for the next time. Seems like I’m already stoked! Life IS better doing board sports 😉



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