My top 3 things to do on Reykjanes Peninsula

On our last few days, we drove around Reykjanes Peninsula and explored the neighborhood of the capital. Here are my 3 highlights of the trip:


Keflavík: Yes, that’s where the airport is but it’s also a nice little town to wander around, walk to the waterfront, admire the cute houses and get (at least a little) lost.

church and graveyard in Gardur

Lighthouse in Gardur: Gardur is situated on the northwestern tip of Reykjanes Peninsula and on the tip of Gardur you find the lighthouse. Due to its location it is extremely windy but also extremely beautiful. The coastline is surprisingly green and there even is a white sand beach which makes it look so very different from the rest of Iceland.


Split of the tectonic plates: On the southwestern tip of Reykjanes, leave the main road Nesvegur and turn right onto a small path that leads up to a bridge that spans over the split. On one side of the bridge you are standing on the North American plate, on the other side on the Eurasian plate.  Cool stuff, right? 😀


Of course, the main attraction is the Blue Lagoon. However, we skipped it since we had already been to an even bluer lagoon close to lake Mývatn and the “original” is just totally overpriced.


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