Welcome to Thor’s Forest „Thórsmörk”

Thórsmörk is one of the starting points for the famous multi-day hike Laugavegur. Since we didn’t have all the necessary equipment (and the shape probably) we booked two nights in a hut in Thórsmörk to do some day hikes around the area.

the coloured mountains on the Laugavegur trail

The journey: A cross-country bus picked us up at the parking lot at Seljalandsfoss. Soon the road became nothing more than a hardly recognizable gravel track in the middle of a gravel lava field… We crossed 2 or 3 rivers, and by that I mean we drove right through them. The whole bus was shaking, it was so much fun and a huge adventure in itself 😀 The voice from the speakers informed us that tourists used to be allowed to cross the rivers on their own and many ended up being sucked in because they didn’t know the safe spots.

adventurous river crossing

The settlement: Iceland is expensive. I think I’ve pointed that out sufficiently. But Thórsmörk is expensive even from an Icelandic point of view. We stayed at Volcano Huts and the night in our bunk-bed hut was around 40€. No meals included.


The hike: On our first full day we decided to go easy (sore muscles from our hike at Skaftafell) and chose a 4 hour family hike. We started along with some people who set off for the whole Laugavegur hike but we soon took a left turn into the mountains without crossing the huge dry river bed with them.

the river bed right in front of us

We followed our red poles further and further up, enjoyed beautiful pristine nature and had a break in a “the grass is always greener on the other side” green meadow. At one point however, we found ourselves facing an almost upright wall we had to climb up. After a strategic thinking pause, we managed even that part and were rewarded with a view of the whole river bed valley. On the way down we had some difficulty finding our red poles, but we made it home alive and happy.

…finally another red pole!

The surprise! In the evening we got to know some of our hut-mates and hung out with them. Later we watched our neighbors (a youth group with a German leader) firing up a BBQ and they invited us to join them since they had made way too much. So we had professionally grilled Icelandic lamb with quinoa (the superfood – we ate it before it was cool, duh) and pudding for dessert. De-lish.

The end: The next day we spent the time between breakfast and pick-up walking around some more, but we didn’t go far – sore muscles suck…

happy hikers

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