Skaftafell – Hikers’ paradise

Skaftafell National Park, here we come!

Skaftafell is THE holiday destination for Icelanders. It’s part of Vatnajökull National Park and offers a wide variety of hikes ranging from easy to difficult including views of volcanos, glaciers, colourful mountains, the ocean, waterfalls,… or simply lots of earth porn moments.

DSC05217We chose the Skaftafellsheidi hike, a round-trip of 16.7 kilometers, about 6 hours, level: challenging. Ahem. Experienced hikers on tour. Not. So we put on our hiking gear, bought some water and off we went.

After only a few minutes we got to Svartifoss (svarti = black, foss = waterfall) where people dipped their feet in the fresh, cold water.

DSC05200We kept on hiking further up into the mountains, passed patches of vivid green sprinkled with the most beautiful flowers, danced around/almost fell into mud puddles and enjoyed the view of the mountains becoming bigger and bigger in front of us. We stopped near a cliff to have lunch and this was our view:

DSC05231DSC05245Continuing uphill, we soon discovered a stream of spring water next to us where we filled up our bottles and finally saw some ice patches! Further up (shortly stepping off the beaten path), we actually got to touch a huge patch of ice, but let’s call it snow . We touched snow in summer 😀

DSC05221On the way down we passed an awesome “photo spot” looking over a glacier winding down into a glacier lagoon. Then another rocky area where we had to be really careful not to slip on the flat rocks, another mud puddle field and an endless path through small trees and plants down towards the campground.

DSC05281We drove to another, cheaper camp ground called Kirkjubaer, went out for dinner, bought some beers, a bottle of red wine and celebrated the evening – and our sore legs.


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