The awakening of the land of trolls and elves

It’s funny how sometimes your days on the road are packed with so many activities compared to your rather boring life at home. One day you’re out and about renting a car, climbing a volcano, hiking through lava rocks and swimming in natural hot springs. The next day, getting out of bed and getting dressed to go to the bakery for breakfast at tea time becomes a major accomplishment.


After an exhausting and very action-packed day around Lake Mývatn, all we did the next day was driving around Iceland’s east coast. Every now and then we took an exit and visited small fishing villages, stocked up on groceries or enjoyed the view of a crystal clear fjord dominated by snow covered mountains from a beach of colourful pebbles.

DSC05120DSC05147Many beaches in Iceland are remainders of long lava streams and therefore consist exclusively of black pebbles. Add green hills and snowy mountains in the background and you’ve found your own piece of wild paradise.


Towards the end of the day, we almost missed our highlight: the glacier lagoon Jökulsárlón. Driving along a part of the massive Vatnajökull glacier, our eyes were so fixed on the impressive moraine (the gravel and dirt a glacier takes with it on its journey into the valley) that looked like a natural protective barrier. We saw the exit only meters before it would have been too late and managed to get a parking spot. It was almost sunset time, which means one of the busiest because most beautiful times.

DSC05185Witnessing the calving of a huge iceberg, seeing a small one floating past us into the endlessness of the northern ocean and watching the sunlight break on the frozen surface we were completely enchanted. The land of trolls and elves was no longer a myth.


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