Day 5 in Beijing – indulging in culture

Of course a group tour to Beijing would not be complete without a museum tour. On Thursday morning our bus driver dropped us off at the largest museum of the world close to Tian an Men Square. After having been searched thoroughly (Please drink from your water bottle because we think it’s an explosive fluid and we’d love to see you die in front of our eyes) we walked through the halls until noon watching old jewellery, vases, money, vases, sculptures, books, vases… I think it’s enough to say that I’m not the biggest museum lover. By the way, did I mention the beautiful vases??


For lunch we had Beijing duck! Finally! The usual dishes had already been on the table when the spectacle began: In front of our eyes the chef cut slices off the duck and then showed us the right way to eat it. If I remember it correctly, you put a thin tortilla in your hand, take a slice of duck, dip it in some intense-tasting black dip and put it on the tortilla. Add some veggies, roll it up and enjoy!

DSC04484In the afternoon we visited one of Beijing’s universities and spent some time talking to Chinese students who studied German, which was genuinely funny because our new friends were SO cute! In the evening we went out for dinner again, but this time we stayed in the neighborhood of the hotel since there was another hotel room party planned for later. So that night it was dumplings, sweet-and-sour chicken, rice with veggies and egg, and a hot prawn-pepperoni-veggie dish served in a hot pan on a mini stove. The latter was so ridiculously hot, it made my lips go numb and my tongue pulsate. DSC04493


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