How I tried to handle French cuisine

France and food goes together like the Alps and snow, like Australia and kangaroos, like China and rice. Not having been exposed to a lot of adventurous or foreign food before, I was pretty excited about French cuisine.

On my first night we went to have a three course meal.
Starters: Escargots (snails) in garlic sauce (mostly due to the garlic it was surprisingly tasty!)

Main dish: Coq au vin on tagliatelle: It was great but the sauce was very, very wine-y. I expected it but not to such an extent!DSC03671

Dessert: Crème brûlée (okay, and a few spoons of mousse au chocolat). Frankly, it was a lot. It was really good but towards the end I swapped plates and finished my friend’s mousse au chocolat instead, which was awesome!

Let me talk about drinking for a second
On my first night we ordered a carafe of Bordeaux. I’m not the biggest admirer of wine, but I wanted to be as original as possible. However, a Bordeaux has a very strong flavour (or whatever you call that in wine-language) and I needed to add some water to my wine in order to continue drinking it. It’s enough to say that I got weird looks from my friends for that… Come on, don’t judge me…please?
I was more into the Belgian beers they have in every menu, and of course the Toohey’s Old I had in the Australian bar. People might say that Australian beer tastes horrible, but it definitely brought back some memories 🙂

Another kind of street food
I also had several Crêpes. Whether it is a sugar and cinnamon crêpe at the Eiffel Tower, a ham and cheese crêpe for hangover breakfast, or a Nutella crêpe just because… It is great street food and definitely a lot better than all the fast food around here.

Because eating is a social event that brings people together
On the last night we had another typical French meal: Fondue. We do have it in Germany as well, however, in France it tastes different – they add a lot more wine! Again I got weird looks because I started holding not only baguette into the melted cheese, but also pieces of potato and bacon. They put salad, potatoes and bacon on my plate. Why shouldn’t I add cheese to it?!
By the way, there is a rule that says, if you lose your bread in the cheese you have to tell something awkward or a secret, kind of like truth or dare. I really like that 😀



This was my excursion into French cuisine. I was surprised by great food and I surprised people with my eating habits. Well, I might even use a tiny bit more wine for cooking from now on… 😉

Have you been to France and had some remarkable food experiences? Oh, and has anyone tried frogs’ legs yet?


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