The Simple Life

This morning I woke up, pulled up the blinds and saw a blue sky with only a few clouds. I opened my window for the air to get inside. Suddenly this made me think of that one morning on my very first road trip at a campsite in NSW (I think it was called Dalmeny). Actually this special morning was followed by many many more 🙂
Anyway, here we go:

I miss road trip camping.

I miss waking up in the morning when the air is still chilly.

I miss getting up and the first thing I see is nature still covered in mist.

I miss the feeling of washing my face with ice cold water at a tap outside.

I miss having to go for a swim in the ocean because there are no showers.

I miss complaining about instant coffee and toast but still having it every morning for breakfast.

I miss talking to locals who give us advice on the most scenic tour along with some of their leftover food.

I miss looking at a map, pointing my finger at a random destinantion and not being sure if I make it there.

I miss getting in the car and JUST GO.



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