What amazed me…

What amazed me yesterday:
I witnessed a real curiosity! A guy, probably a student,  was standing in the middle of my city’s busy market square carrying a huge sign that said “FREE HUGS”. He was ignored by most of the people, however, attracted by the rareness of such an outgoing person, I walked towards him. He explained that it was international cuddling day and that he wanted to make people smile by giving away free hugs.

Of course me and my friends got a hug as well! Now you must know my mood depends too much on the weather. If the sun is out, everything is fine, but those grey winter days are starting to really get to me. I (still) haven’t seen the sun in… I don’t even remember… a week(?), so that free-hugs-guy really kind of made my day.


What amazed me today:
1. I was offered a delicious piece of raspberry cake during an Italian lesson!
2. I was either hallucinating, or there really was a “JUCY” camper van (you know the green and purple rental vans?) parked in front of our new event complex. IF it was a JUCY van (which I am actually 100% sure of) it must have somehow made  from Australia, New Zealand, or the States over to Europe. Wow. Another curiosity. It’s such an exciting life.

What will amaze me tomorrow:
Sleeping late! I don’t need to be at University until early afternoon. Hurray!


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