I’m not a morning person.. not at all.

There are only few things in life that annoy me more than city buses. Imagine getting up early, and by that I mean before sunrise. You hardly get out of bed, you somehow manage to make yourself look presentable and after the first cup of coffee you kind of feel alright. You even leave just in time to catch the bus. The short walk in the nippy morning air to the bus stop contributes positively to your personal fitness (yay), however, by the time you arrive at the bus stop you are looking forward to the warmth of the bus.
So, said bus is finally in sight, your mood is lifting… just to sink to a minimum again when you see that it is absolutely packed. Packed with kids on their way to school that (un)intentionally (who knows if they do it on purpose, kids are cruel!) keep hitting you with their backpacks and give you just enough space to put in your earphones. The good thing is that all those people prevent you from falling either out of your seat (if you were lucky enough to get one) or simply to the ground when you are standing.

But ya, maybe I’ll get used to it, who knows – I even wrote this on the bus so there are some good points to it after all^^

Whatever, stay positive ;D


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