How you know that you should go travelling (again)

Travel is a drug, everyone who did it at least once knows what I am talking about. Once you got this taste of freedom and independence it’s hard to go back to a “normal” life.  After high school in Germany I spent some time backpacking in Australia. Being back home to start university all I am thinking about is how to keep up the spirit while finding a way to escape this highway to hell. Said hell being a 9-5 office job.
This is my top 10 of things that indicate that you should pack your bag (yes, your ONE bag) and hit the road again. I must say, I didn’t experience all of them (yet) but I know some of you have.

1. Getting up in the morning is harder than opening a coconut with a kitchen knife. Days turn into weeks and are as exchangeable as the burned out minds of your co-workers and you don’t see a sense in what you’re doing.
2. Your family and friends are driving you crazy. They don’t understand why you would quit your job in order to see some temple in Cambodia. You are tired of explaining that the lifestyle you wish for has nothing to do with laziness.
3. You find you own way too many things that you don’t need and don’t mean a thing to you.
4. You miss the appreciation of the beauty of nature and the little things in life. Remember when you didn’t mind spending the night sleeping under the stars (oh, and that amazing milky way)?
5. Every time you are in front of your computer you are checking flights to your dream travel destinations. Of course you know when it’s best and cheapest to go.
6. For some inexplicable reason you feel like you want to exchange your comfy queen-size bed for a bunk bed in a stuffed dorm room.
7. You miss playing drinking games with cheap bad alcohol and some strangers from your hostel before heading to a club and take part in a crazy competition in order to get some free drinks.
8. You are intensively studying travel blogs and stories of friends you met on the road instead of this book you need to know by heart for your next exam.
9. You dream about being a bar tender on some Thai island while other people talk about their management career plans after uni.
10. You miss instant noodles, pasta with tomato sauce and toast.

Tell me what makes you think of going travelling again! Your feedback is very welcome 🙂

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2 thoughts on “How you know that you should go travelling (again)

  1. What makes me want to go traveling again is the idea of meeting those special people that will stay in your heart and mind forever.

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